An intense week: awesome fallow hunt with Aussie Bush Harvest

Some days all the prep, strategy, scouting and understanding come together in a deer hunter's wet dream

Aussie Bush Harvest hunt

This fallow buck hunt has it all! A great stalk, excellent shot, interesting antlers in velvet, field dressing and caping tips, and major drama to finish up!

“I’ve just come of a pretty intense week of my life, some of the best quality public-land hunting I’ve ever had,” Profty of Aussie Bush Harvest says as he introduces the video, which has something for everyone who sees themselves as a hunter.

Profty has made a bit of a name for himself with his Youtube channel and his down-to-earth videos that are full of good stuff.

In this one, he discusses aspects of the rut, takes you on a stalk in damp conditions through thick NSW state forest, and finds the kind of buck you dream about.

In Profty’s words, “Some days all the prep, strategy, scouting and understanding come together in a deer hunter’s wet dream.”

I won’t spoil it by giving you a blow-by-blow description of the excitement that follows, and it doesn’t end there anyway.

Keep watching and you’ll learn some great techniques for dealing with a big animal when you’re deep in the bush. Profty also filmed red stags fighting.

But after all the highs, he wrapped up the hunt with a rollover crash as he was leaving the forest, despite years of experience on bush tracks.

“I thought I could handle myself in the bush, and I drive a lot on these tracks in all kinds of conditions.”

His mates came through for him, heading bush in the middle of the night in pouring rain to rescue him.

“They’re the kind of friends you really want to have in your life,” Profty says.

Check out the full video here:



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