Beretta’s new $3500 Ultraleggero super-light shotgun weighs less than 3kg!

Gun weight will no longer be a burden, says Beretta

Beretta Ultraleggero

Beretta has released the new Ultraleggero 12 gauge shotgun, which it calls the world’s lightest steel field gun, with a skeletonised receiver and other innovations that cut weight to less than 3kg.

The Ultraleggero is built on the 690 platform with some 694 features, but it weighs 404 grams less without any loss in strength or rigidity, according to Beretta. 

And with a price tag starting at $3498, this new high-performance shotgun is also one of the most affordable Beretta over-unders available in Australia. 

Beretta says this “lightweight yet sturdy shotgun [is] ideal for hunters looking for a fast-handling gun that swiftly gets onto the game”. 

“Gun weight will no longer be a burden.”

The Ultraleggero’s receiver has had all extraneous metal removed, leaving nothing but a skeleton designed to handle the forces of firing the gun.

This has cut 94g from the overall weight of the gun, and Beretta says it is safe for use with all shot including magnum shells. 

The gaps left in the sides and bottom of the receiver have been filled with “techno-polymer” inserts featuring floral engravings.

Beretta Ultraleggero
The new Beretta Ultraleggero is claimed to be the lightest steel field gun in the world

“These floral designs have been achieved using a state-of-the-art technology that creates unique angles on surfaces, simulating the visual effect of light reflected on steel engravings,” states Beretta. “This creates a fade in-and-out effect on the floral motif and the name ‘Ultraleggero’ when the receiver is rotated in the light.” 

A further 129g was taken from the stock by enlarging the cavity. Deleting the barrels’ side rib shaved another 68g, and Beretta even saved 15g by using a new recoil pad. 

The switch to an aluminium trigger group and aluminium fore-end metal reduced mass by 65g and 33g respectively. 

The Ultraleggero uses standard Beretta Steelium barrels. 

Beretta’s claim of less than 3kg overall weight is stated for options with 24”, 26” and 28” barrels (at less than 2.8kg, 2.9kg and 3kg respectively) but you can also choose 30” barrels, which presumably push weight to almost 3.1kg.

Full specs and other details are available on the Beretta Australia website. The video below is from the live-streamed launch of the new gun (start watching from 15min 12sec in, after the countdown ends).



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