Sunday, October 17, 2021


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An intense week: awesome fallow hunt with Aussie Bush Harvest

This fallow buck hunt has it all! A great stalk, excellent shot, interesting antlers in velvet, field dressing and caping tips, and major drama...

Hunting Bulgaria’s monster boars

The adrenalin rose to match the increasing intensity of the dogs’ barking. The dogs were coming closer. Then I saw a wildboar racing through the forest of oaks.

Four boars – a shameful tale of jealousy

Ladies first, of course. There was never any doubt that Anne would get first shot at any pigs that came our way. It wasn’t...

How To Hunt Goats – an Australian hunter’s guide

Greatest Game of All Time? Chasing goats is one of the great Australian hunting experiences. They can be predictable, lazy, unaware of danger and ridiculously...

Sambar deer hunting in the Victorian High Country with Wildlife Man

We all know that hunting sambar deer in the Victorian Alps can be a serious challenge, but good dogs can make the task of...
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