Sunday, October 17, 2021


Beretta Burris thermals

Review: HikMicro Thunder TH35 thermal rifle scope is great viewing at under 4 grand

The HikMicro Thunder TH35 is one of the few thermal rifle scopes redefining the affordability of the technology while offering image quality you can...

Review: HikMicro Lynx Pro LH25 is great performance/price value

The LH25 thermal monocular is the top of HikMicro’s Lynx Pro range, offering you a very light, compact and practical spotter with decent optics...

Review: Hikmicro Lynx Pro LE10 thermal spotter for $800!

The Hikmicro Lynx Pro LE10 costs about $200 less than an equivalent thermal spotter did two years ago and it performs two or three...

Review: InfiRay Rico RH50 & RL42 Thermal Rifle Scopes

InfiRay has moved into the Australian market pretty aggressively with some highly specified thermal devices coming in at attractive prices. Currently the Rico series...
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