Practical tactical: MDT’s new ultra-light HNT26 hunting chassis

Tactical precision meets practical hunting in this aftermarket chassis

MDT HNT26 rifle chassis hero

MDT has released an ultra-lightweight tactical-style hunting chassis, which in its lightest form weighs only 740 grams.

The HNT26 chassis, which MDT describes as its “first truly purpose-built hunting chassis,” uses a magnesium alloy base surrounded by carbon-fibre butt, grip and fore-end. 

The decision to create the hunting chassis came after MDT realised its range of competition and tactical chassis systems were being used by hunters, who tended to opt for the lighter models. 

The HNT26 system gives shooters the benefits of the tactical style chassis without the usual weight penalty.

MDT HTN26 chassis system portrait
The MDT HNT26 lightweight chassis system is built for hunting rifles

Its features include V-block bedding, a floating barrel, adjustable comb height and length of pull, sling swivels and more. It can accommodate light and heavy barrels. 

The butt is foam filled to reduce noise and vibration. 

In states where it is legal, a folding stock model is available for easier storage and transport. 

Buyers may also opt for a fore-end with a built-in ARCA rail for use with a tripod. 

Even with folding stock and ARCA rail, the maximum weight of a chassis is just 840 grams.

MDT HNT26 with folding stock
A folding stock is available in states where it is legal

The chassis does not come with a magazine, but is compatible with AICS type mags. MDT’s own three-round magazine fits flush, reducing the risk of snagging.  

The HNT26 chassis is available to fit three models of bolt-action rifle: the Remington 700, Savages and Tikka T3/T3x, all in long- and short-action. 

The chassis is available from Cleaver Firearms  for prices ranging from $1495 to $1749. 

MDT HNT26 with AICS magazine
The chassis accepts AICS-style magazines, including MDT’s flush-fitting one


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