Review: Aussie-made Victor Precision drop-in trigger system

Ironically, anti-gun bureaucracy led to excellent home-grown firearm engineering

Victor Precision AR-2S trigger system review

This is a tale of how anti-gun bureaucracy motivated an Aussie gunsmith to develop what we believe is Australia’s first locally designed and built two-stage precision trigger for the AR-15 platform.

Before you comment that no one here has an AR-15, remember trigger systems like this do not just fit in the Cat D firearms used widely by professional pest controllers, they are also used in Cat B firearms such as the Australian-made Warwick Arms and Oceania Precision Straight Pull rifles for sporting use, along with all the Cat C AR-type rimfire rifles like the S&W MP15/22 used in the farming sector, so the demand for a high-quality precision trigger system is certainly there.

Most semi-autos have pretty ordinary triggers. They are mostly gritty, heavy and highly unsuitable for precise shot placement or fast, accurate follow-up shots. 

There are some wonderful match trigger systems for target shooters (in countries where that is popular and legal) but match triggers are generally too light for use in the field and also suffer from reliability issues at times. 

Check out this video by Ozzie Reviews as he and Graham together test the Victor Precision trigger is a number of firearms:

For a feral animal controller there is a need for high accuracy but also for a higher rate of fire and, most of all, utmost reliability as semi-auto trigger systems can take a real beating so are much tougher to build well than a bolt-action trigger system.

As most of you would be aware it is very difficult to get a licence for a Cat D (or C) semi-auto firearm in Australia, but for those who do have that licence there is actually a bigger problem: obtaining spare parts to keep the guns running. 

All triggers (and other parts) for Cat D firearms must be approved individually by the federal attorney’s department and this is a notoriously slow and complex process that I believe is contributing to the continuous rise in feral animal numbers and the environmental damage they do. Many firearms are sitting idly for months at a time whilst the AG’s department does its best to frustrate effective feral pest management plans in the various states.

Enter Victor Oliveira, owner of Victor Precision ( based in Brisbane.

Victor is a well-respected maker of high-level custom pistols for IPSC and other competitions but also maintains and repairs many types of firearms. Last year he had an AR-15 in the shop which needed a new trigger so he submitted all the appropriate paperwork to the federal AG’s department and waited, and waited, then he waited some more. 

Victor Precision AR-2S trigger system review
A neat little unit, isn’t it? There’s months of work and experimentation in there

After several months he followed up but it seemed that it would take 6-12 months to approve one new trigger to repair an already licensed and registered AR-15.

Eventually the sheer frustration of it all led Victor to make a quality trigger right here in Australia.  

After six months of experimentation, very hard work and improvements by Victor and his team, we now have the Victor Precision AR-2S AR-15 drop-in trigger system and I had the good fortune to be asked to test the trigger recently and give my opinion.

As a licensed firearms instructor I had access to an AR-15 and so last week I watched as an armourer opened up our AR-15 and, within three minutes with no tools other than the Allen key supplied with the trigger, dropped the Victor Precision trigger module into the rifle and handed it back, ready to take out to the approved range for testing.

Victor Precision AR-2S trigger system review
The Victor Precision trigger suits Cat B firearms like with Warwick Arms straight-pull

As an instructor, most of the future pest controllers we train on Cat D firearms have very little or no experience with these firearms so safety is critical, as is building their confidence so they can hit what they aim at and also control fast, accurate follow up shots to deal with large mobs of ferals quickly and humanely. 

This is where a quality trigger is very helpful.

I must admit I was somewhat sceptical as to how good this trigger would be as I have actually used very high-quality aftermarket triggers in AR-15 competition rifles when competing in the USA, but the packaging and visual appearance of the Victor Precision module was actually better than most of the US ones I had seen so I was open minded.

To my mind there is nothing better on a semi-auto that a high-quality two-stage trigger, but why two-stage? 

Victor Precision AR-2S trigger system review
Having such a well designed trigger in an AR makes it a lot safer and more precise to shoot

Because in a semi-auto, having that smooth take-up before a clean but distinct break offers both precision and safety. However, it is far harder (and usually more expensive) to manufacture a truly high-quality two-stage semi-auto trigger system.

As I shouldered the AR-15 and felt the initial (stage one) take-up it was amazingly smooth. Pull weight was around 2lb (900 grams) with an extra ½lb (450g) ‘wall’ before it broke.

I fired off a few rounds slowly, then some quickly and was very pleasantly surprised by how much more accurate I had suddenly become with this particular firearm. Kind of like a truly smooth match trigger but with a heavier and safer 2.5lb (1300-1400g) total pull.

I could not wipe the grin off my face. The formerly gritty and heavy beast of a trigger had been replaced by a smooth precision instrument. It transformed the rifle and I was soon fighting with the armourer to be able to keep this new trigger in the rifle right then!

I am impressed with the extremely high quality and presentation of the Victor Precision AR-15 trigger system. It the equal of any trigger at any price from any manufacturer globally, and best of all it is made right here in Australia. 

Victor Precision AR-2S trigger system review
Graham noticed an immediate and vast improvement in the AR-15 from the Victor Precision AR-2S

After studying it in depth, seeing it used in several types of guns and spending lots of time with the inventor and developer, understanding the lengths Victor has gone to to ensure this is a world-beater, I can see nothing to criticise or quibble with. It’s a bloody good unit!

This means that anyone with the appropriate firearms licence can have a new trigger for an AR-15 or straight-pull Warwick or Oceania firearms (or Cat C) firearm without the headaches with year-long waits from distant federal agencies. 

I am even hopeful that over time you may see some state police agencies upgrade their rifles with this quality unit.

The Victor Precision triggers are available for $499 at and as of this writing Victor has stock on the shelf ready to go.

It is a wonderful day when we start to see the Australian firearms industry step up and begin to manufacture such quality items locally and at a price that is highly competitive. It is great for every Aussie shooter as it means that other items will likely come to market that more of us can access while supporting locally developed and manufactured items.


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  1. Very nice trigger and fast dispatch! I live in rural QLD and ordered one of these triggers for my Kriss Defiance semi auto 22LR on Friday last week and had it in my mailbox the following Thursday. Very easy to install and it makes the rifle even more pleasurable to shoot and more accurate off the shoulder. Can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you Victor Precision!


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