Review: GlowShot Target Stakes, a quick and easy plinking or sight-in option

Take these light, portable targets with you and throw them away when you're done

Glow Shot Target Stakes review

GlowShot’s lightweight and portable Target Stakes feature adhesive splatter-type faces, and are cheap and disposable — perfect for casual plinking or sighting in on a weekend away. 

The stake is a really simple idea. It’s a very heavy-duty piece of cardboard cut so the round target backing has a stubby spike at the bottom. Just push the spike into the ground, stand back and shoot. 

The board is not flimsy; it’s tough enough that you’d almost think it was a lightweight timber of some kind, judging by its stiffness. You can confidently push it into pretty firm ground without it buckling. I thought I’d have to loosen up the ground you see here in the pics an video, but the stakes went in with no drama, and some of them went in repeatedly as I tried to get the shots right. 

And as for shooting holes it, I’ve put well over 100 rimfire rounds into a stake and there was still lots of life in it. Even when you blow a big hole in the middle by scoring dozens of bullseyes, you can stick a new adhesive target over the top and that’ll hold it together for longer.

Each round does minimal damage without hurting the integrity of the board. How long it actually lasts depends upon how accurate you are: If you keep putting bullets through the same rough hole, it’ll last forever, but if you neatly spread shots all over the place you’ll eventually cause it to fall apart. Which is a shame, because you’d obviously need more practice…

You can use any calibre on the Target Stakes, too. Bigger bullets make bigger holes, so target life will be shorter, but unless you’re silly enough to use a shotgun on it you’ll get a weekend’s use out of one of these units. 

Glow Shot Target Stakes review
The GlowShot Target Stakes are great for sighting in or shooting practice

I mentioned sticking a new target on. The GlowShot kit includes two stakes, each with an 8” adhesive target stuck in place, and some adhesive patches: two spare bullseyes, two large round patches and three small ones. You’ll use them very quickly. I brought along a pack of Glow Shot’s adhesive 8” targets, which include more patches. The additional use I got out of the stakes made the whole deal better value. 

The targets are splatter-type ones: when you shoot a hole in the black coating, the bright fluoro colours underneath show through to clearly indicate where you hit it. Even with a little .22, you can see it from a good 50m back if your eyes are good enough. Further with even basic binoculars.

You can use bring your own targets, adhesive or not, and clamp them in place using the three clips GlowShot includes in the packs.  

Being so light and small, you can easily cart the Target Stakes around. They’ll fit in a pack if you’re walking in to wherever you’re shooting.   

At the end of your weekend, just chuck the used stakes in the fire or into the rubbish bag or recycling. 

They’re currently $19.95 (July 2021) and you can get the Target Stakes online from GlowShot or other retailers, as well as in many gun shops. Eagleye Hunting Gear is the trade distributor.


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