Review: Leupold RX-1400i TBR/W Rangefinder is a bargain!

Paying much less and getting much more

Leupold RX1400 TBR/W rangefinder

Leupold’s new RX1400i TBR/W rangefinder is almost half the price and half the weight of the RX1000 I bought six years ago, and it has twice the real-world range and way more features. It is simply incredible value.

For six years I’ve found the RX1000 excellent. I paid around $600 for a rangefinder that worked well but would only measure range consistently out to around 500 yards on animals or trees etc. Its 1000-yard claimed ability was only good on a building or other large, reflective target. Anyway, I was very happy with it for my use in the field.

In 2021 we can pay just $320-$345 for a rangefinder that is almost half the weight (203g gram versus 138g), is approximately the same size and consistently and accurately ranges out to around 1200 yards on trees and hillsides to a true 1400 yard range on buildings and other large reflective items. Wow!

As the TV ads used to say, but wait, there’s more. In the case of the RX-1400i TBR/W, there is lots more to love and use.

Leupold RX1400 TBR/W rangefinder
The RX1400 TBR/W packs a lot into a palm-sized package

This model not only measures out to 1400 yards, it will swap between yards and metres depending on your preference at the press of a button.

It also offers True Ballistic Range (TBR) which basically adjusts for any steep angles so if you are shooting up or down a steep hill or valley the unit will adjust for that and immediately give you the effective range for the shot. 

For longer range shots, you can also set it to advise you how many MOA or mills (your choice) of holdover you should allow in your scope. 

You can even set the ballistics to account for up to 25 different loads and calibres. 

Prefer using a bow instead? No problem. The RX-1400i TBR/W will take that into account with another easy-to-use setting.

Leupold RX1400 TBR/W rangefinder
Old and new: the RX1000 cost almost twice as much six years ago and has less than half the ability of the RX1400i TBR/W

The viewfinder is crisp and clear once you’ve adjusted the focus to suit your eyes. The display has three brightness settings so you can use it in all light conditions. 

With only two buttons it is simple to use. Once set up, simply press the power button, aim at whatever you want to range, press the power button again and the range appears instantly. The instant part is critical when hunting and was the reason I never wanted one with the ballistic adjustment in the past as the older ones always had a delay. This unit seems just as fast whether using the TBR or not, which is fantastic for hunting.

I am truly amazed by the accuracy, versatility and lightness of this unit, especially for the incredibly low price compared to rangefinders offered previously. And it is fully backed up by Leupold service and warranty. 

Leupold RX1400 TBR/W rangefinder

I have only been using the RX1400i for a couple of weeks now but it has replaced my old unit (now up for sale) and is so light I do not even notice it in a shirt pocket or in the supplied case on my belt. The Leupold also comes with a strap if you wish to hang it around your neck and includes a battery and a well-written instruction book.

These are available at various gun shops across the country, although I hear they are selling out everywhere pretty fast.

Leupold products are distributed in Australia by NIOA. We bought our test unit from Cleaver Firearms.


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