Review: Marble Catch .22 rimfire ammo holder and dispenser

This is a brilliant little device for organising your rimfire ammunition

Marble Catch 22 ammunition holder

Lever- and pump-action .22 rifles are a heap of fun, whether it’s knocking off small game or plinking at reactive targets, empty cans or paper sighting targets, but reloading is slow. Marble’s Catch .22 fixes that!

Nearly all of these rifles load via the front of the tube mag, a process which involves unscrewing the spring tube and removing it, then loading the rounds in one at a time.

It’s not the fastest reloading method out there and it’s also quite fiddly, especially in the field when you’re fumbling around with individual .22 cartridges to feed into the tube, one at a time.

If you’ve experienced that situation, this product is definitely of interest.

Marble Catch 22 ammunition holder
The Catch .22 make it much quicker to load tube magazines

The Marble Catch .22 is, in essence, a multifunction cartridge holder and tube magazine speedloader.

At first look it is a black, rectangular, sturdy plastic affair, weigh 94 grams and measuring 158mm x 30mm x 20mm, with a belt clip on the rear.

The lid slides open to reveal up to 10 internal tubes, each holding five rounds of .22LR, and from there you can dispense the rounds into your hand or directly down the loading tube of a rifle.

The Catch .22 will hold any of the .17 or .22 calibre rimfire rounds. The maximum capacity is 50 rounds of .22LR and 30 rounds of .22WMR or .17HMR.

Marble Catch 22 ammunition holder
The sliding lid allows you to release one cylinder of rounds at a time

So far, so good, but how well does it work? Surprisingly well, as it happens.

I had no trouble reloading a .22 lever-action using the Catch .22, and it made the process a lot faster — and with no fumbled or dropped cartridges, either. The lid has several ‘click’ points on it so you’re only opening one tube at a time; one click gives you a tube with five rounds. 

Most tube-mag rimfire rifles hold 10 or 15 rounds, so you’ll need to use multiple tubes (one after the other) for a full reload, but it’s still a quick and painless process – especially compared to doing it the old-fashioned way.

Even for shooters using non-tube mags, the Catch .22 works very well, allowing you to drop a controlled number of rounds into your hand and making it easier to reload a magazine-fed rifle, or even a single-shot one if that’s how you roll.

Marble Catch 22 ammunition holder
Each column holds five rounds of .22LR or three rounds of .22WMR or .17HMR

It’s very handy for those pistol competitions in which five rounds are loaded at a time.

Even as an ammunition holder it’s well designed and well sized — the belt clip is sturdy, and stays put either on your belt or hanging from your pocket without being obtrusive. 

The polymer plastic it’s made out of protects the cartridges very well, and while I wouldn’t throw it in a river to test the waterproofing, I did take it hunting during a rainstorm and it kept the cartridges dry and clean.

Marble Catch 22 ammunition holder
The Marble Catch .22 is a polymer ammo holder. It includes a belt clip to hang it from your belt or pocket

The Marble Catch .22 is an excellent alternative to just carrying a box of .22LR in your pocket and hoping not to drop any when trying to reload in the field, or worrying about the box getting wet or otherwise squished.

The Marble Catch .22 is available from various sources online in Australia for about $40 including postage. In my experience, it is money well spent if you’re a keen rimfire shooter. 


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