Shooters Union heads to WA to fight Australia’s “worst gun laws”

Shooters Union in WA

The Shooters Union has established a branch in Western Australia, in response to what it says are “by far and away the worst gun laws in the entire country”.

“There seems to be a never-ending stream of gun-hating policies from Western Australian Police and the WA Government, and it’s time they realised law-abiding shooters have had enough and aren’t just going to roll over,” Shooters Union representative Peter Heggie said. 

Heggie adds WA to his duties as the president of the Shooters Union in South Australia, where he owns and runs his dealership, the Gunnery. 

“A constant theme from my WA-based customers is the lack of public representation for them,” he said.

“We know the situation in WA is tough, especially given the political situation, but we’re determined to do our best to help all the same.”

Shooters no longer have a direct voice in WA’s politics after this year’s state election, in which the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party failed to retain the seat Rick Mazza had held since 2013. 

Both WA’s houses of parliament are dominated by a single party, Labor, which has little incentive to listen to shooters.

The SSAA and the National Shooting Council have also been active in WA on behalf of shooters, and the state has a pro-active dealer’s association.

However, the achievements of all these groups have been relatively modest in a state where previous inquiries have made recommendations for significant changes to the regulatory regime but none have been forthcoming.  

Peter Heggie can be contacted by email (click here) or by phone on 08 8186 1437.


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  1. The Shooters Union in Qld has been the only mob that represents shooters (or claims to) that has bothered to help us Primary Producers that have continuously had certain types of firearms we’ve used legally for years taken off us by Left Wing politicians and their masters. These are tools to us, to help bring food to the table of city dwellers. The SSAA and certain political parties that have “farmer” in the name have done nothing for us, except line their pockets.
    Join and support the Shooters Union, these brave and dedicated people need your membership to fund these efforts, which benefit YOU.


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