Williams Fox Shoot: 1782 foxes down and still counting!

The organised shoots saving native wildlife from foxes, cats and pigs

Williams Fox Shoot
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A series of organised fox shoots in Western Australia have killed so many of the feral pests since 2019 that the organisers calculated they’ve saved 1.8 million native animals, or about 267 tons of bush creatures.

This estimate is based on published figures about the damage done by foxes, and it excludes the harm done by the rabbits, cats and pigs that have also been destroyed during the shoots. 

After another successful fox shoot last weekend, Kirby Dickson of Williams Fox Shoot tallied the total haul from these regular events, which has climbed to 1782 foxes, 1870 rabbits, 94 cats and 63 pigs. 

They’ve also raised $7310 for regional men’s health.

Last weekend’s Spring Shoot accounted for 26 foxes, 138 rabbits and four cats, one of the more modest totals from an event that involves volunteer shooters.

Williams Fox Shoot
The Williams Fox Shoots have culled thousands of foxes and other ferals from WA’s landscape

“While the tally count doesn’t seem like a huge number it has a huge impact on our native wildlife, livestock and other animals,” said organiser Kirby Dickson in a post on the Williams Fox Shoot Facebook page. 

“A single fox is estimated to eat about 400 grams of food each night,” she said. 

“Over a year, this equates to around 150 kilograms of food. However, as foxes will kill many animals in a night, yet only consume a small amount, this will amount to thousands of mammals, reptiles, birds, insects and livestock killed each year by a single fox.

“I absolutely love fox shoot weekends,” she added. “The positive vibes from all the people who come down is just unreal. I enjoy having a chat and hearing all the stories.”

Anyone can participate but to be counted in the tally and eligible for prizes, shooters must present their bag at the event’s official breakfast in Williams, about 160km inland from Perth.

Check out the Williams Fox Shoot Facebook page to find out more and possibly participate in a future shoot. 


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