Woodleigh Bullets destroyed by fire

Australian projectile maker's business burnt to the ground

Woodleigh bullets fire

Fire has destroyed the business of Australian projectile manufacturer Woodleigh Bullets, burning the premises to the ground and destroying the stock.

Owner Geoff McDonald has been left shattered by the disaster, which occurred on the weekend at the Murrabit, Victoria factory.

“It’s terribly stressful,” he said. “We’re out of business and just cleaning out the bloody mess.”

He said it would be at least 12 months before he would be able to restart the business, although at this stage he is still a long way from making a decision about whether he’ll restart at all.

He had a number of options in front of him, he said, including an offer of crowdfunding, but he was not yet in a position to know which way to go.

The business was not insured, and Geoff told Straight Shooting that no insurance agencies had wanted to take it on.

Woodleigh Bullets has been established in Australia for 40 years and has grown into an international business.

Its range and quality of projectiles has given it an excellent reputation and a strong following.

Woodleigh has developed some unique bullets along the way.

Geoff said the fire probably started with an electrical fault.

He was in the office when it began and he said he attempted to extinguish the flames but the fire quickly got out of control.

“I called Triple 0 and took off like buggery,” he said.

Fire fighters were unable to prevent the building being almost completely destroyed, Geoff said.


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  1. I’m hoping he does rebuild as woodleigh bullets are the best bonded bullets out there and the hydros will go through 2 foot of tree to take out stags hiding behind them


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